Testimonies: What God is doing in our lives

We believe in the present power of the Holy Spirit to do signs and wonders, and that God cares about and wants to be involved in every part of our lives. Here you can find stories about what God has been doing in our daily lives - from the small to the big. We hope that you are encouraged and blessed by reading these.

I took a hard-up single mum and her small daughter to the free charity shop at Parkwood Christian Fellowship this week.  The little girl was very shy and I barely got a smile from her.  As we were leaving with a bag of clothes and children's books, I felt prompted to suggest we stop for a cuppa even though I actually needed to be somewhere else.  With even more people having drinks, the wee girl really struggled until, after about 10 mins, a tiny dolls pram was donated.  Asked if she already had one, she shook her head but her beam said it all!  When I put the pram in my car boot she howled as she wanted to hang onto it in case it was taken from her!  If I hadn't been "told" to stop a bit longer, she would have missed it and I have no doubt that God was beaming every bit as brightly as she was!

[My husband] lost his wallet on Tuesday.  It didn't have any cash in it but it had been a much loved birthday present from less than 2 weeks ago.  He retraced his steps and inquired if it had been handed in at the last place he knew he’d used it, but to no avail.  He cancelled his bank cards and ordered replacements but held off going through the process of replacing his driving licence, “just in case”.  I (and others) prayed that if it was in the house or the car or somewhere obvious that it would be revealed, or that some nice person would find it and it would be returned.  On Thursday, just two days later, [my husband] got a call from the Police Station telling him that his wallet had been found locally and handed in.  When he collected it, it was completely intact, receipts and all!  Hallelujah!

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